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  • Let’s Talk One-Pieces

    Let's Talk One-Pieces | Billabong One-Piece from Urban Outfitters

    Okay, guys. I have been obsessing over this one-piece trend in swimsuits . Until recently, I had this impression that one-pieces were either for little kids or for older people who wanted to cover their bodies. Boy, was I wrong – and in the best way! I’m interning at an online bikini + fashion retailer (Cacique […]

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  • 20’s, here I come!

    20th birthday wishlist

    I’m turning 20 this week and I feel as if I’m having some sort of quarter-life crisis. I’m excited, but also freaked out. I didn’t think turning 20 was a big deal at all until I was talking to Tyler and he was like “Your 20s are a sick decade. You graduate college, start building your career, […]

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  • Denim Button-Up Circle Skirt

    Denim Button Up Circle Skirt

    I’m calling it now: denim skirts are coming back into style. I have to admit, it’s taken me a little while to warm up to the idea because they kind of remind me of the mid-2000’s when Paris Hilton used to rock them with Uggs. When I went to Zara last week I was definitely not planning on leaving the store […]