Boyfriend Jeans are Basically My Boyfriend

3 ways to style your boyfriend jeans | close up

Boyfriend jeans are the best jeans. They’re loose, comfy and feel like pajamas, except people still take you seriously when you wear them in public. They work for spring, summer and fall (and maybe even a California winter) so you can wear them maybe every single day for a whole year (I wouldn’t judge!)

If you’re on the fence about buying boyfriend jeans because you’re not sure how much you would wear them, never fear! Read on to see how I put together 3 different styles of boyfriend jean outfits.

Style 1: Girly Pom-Poms

3 ways to wear boyfriend jeans | girly pom poms

3 ways to wear boyfriend jeans | girly pom poms

Here comes obvious: Boyfriend jeans can be boyish. Since I don’t want to look boyish, I like to pair them with something girly to juxtapose the looseness of the pants. I chose this printed MeToWe tank with cute little pom poms around the bottom, a neutral oversized cocoon sweater from American Eagle, and lace-up sandals from New Look found on Asos. My bag is by Steve Madden but I found it at Marshalls because hello!! Why pay full price when Marshalls is a deal hunter’s paradise?

My jeans are from American Eagle but I got them last fall so they don’t have the same ones anymore. I’m wearing a size 2 for reference but I definitely could have sized down because I have to shrink them in the dryer before wearing or I’ll be yanking up my pants all day. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
3 ways to wear boyfriend jeans | girly pom pomsBoyfriend Jeans: American Eagle, similar // Sandals: New Look // Bag: Steve Madden, similar, similar//Pom-Pom Tank: MeToWe, similar, similar // Cardigan: American Eagle, similar // Necklace: Pixley Pressed

Style 2: Boho Crop Top

3 ways to style your boyfriend jeans | close up

3 ways to wear boyfriend jeans | boho crop top

Boyfriend jeans can also be styled to be the perfect balance for a flowy crop top. Since this top shows belly and shoulders, sometimes I feel like pairing it with tight jeans shows a lil too much body for the daytime. I like the boyfriend jeans because they’re loose so showing a little skin on top doesn’t come off like you’re trying too hard to shake what yo momma gave ya.

My crop top is by Kendall & Kylie for PacSun. To be honest I usually avoid the Kendall & Kylie collection on principle because they give me weird vibes and I’ve never been one of those celebrity fangirl types of people. Except when PacSun has a buy 1 get 3 free deal in their sale section, you put your principles aside and hoard up as many free shirts as you can find. All’s fair in love and deal hunting, right?

3 ways to wear boyfriend jeans | boho crop top

Jeans: American Eagle, similar // Crop top: Kendall & Kylie, similar, similar // Sandals: New Look //Glasses: BP, similar // Bag: Steve Madden, similar

Look 3: Casual & Sneakers

3 ways to wear boyfriend jeans | boho crop top

3 ways to wear boyfriend jeans | boho crop top

I tried to make the title for this look the abbreviated form of casual, but then I couldn’t figure out how to spell it. Cas? cajjjj? Casj? Who knows. Whatever.

Anyway, spelling uncertainties aside, this is an idea of how to wear boyfriend jeans when you’re just hanging out. Basically you throw them on with sneakers and pretty much any shirt and call it good. I also added a headband because I’m not truly comfortable until my hair is out of my face. When I’m just hanging out I usually never opt for jeans because who wants to wear things that barely stretch to just hang out? Def not me. But boyfriend jeans were made for hanging out. I call them my weekend pants because they’re comfy and the perfect amount of casual, able to be dressed up and down depending on your plans.

3 ways to wear boyfriend jeans | casual and sneakers

 Jeans: American Eagle, similar // Sneakers: Old Navy // Headband: Lululemon //Bag: Steve Madden, similar //  Anklets: Pura Vida // Top: American Eagle, similar, similar

I promise that there’s way more ways to style boyfriend jeans than the looks I put together above. They pretty much go with everything and are comfortable and you can get outfits out of them all year long. It’s a win-win-win and I highly recommend picking up a pair. Let me knooooww how you guys wear yours! Always looking for new ways to wear my favorite pants 😜



**Photography by Tyler Sams

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  • LOVE that pom pom shirt! And I totally relate to the abbreviated form of casual dilemma. I won’t die happy until that question is answered!

    • omg yes! it’s been popping up in my brain for 3 days now! I can’t even figure out what letters to work with.. cashj?? cajzh?? let me know if you ever figure it out…

  • Amelia

    I would like a styling tutorial on demon short overalls

  • So cute *, you look so beautiful also you have a pretty smile :*

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