20’s, here I come!

20th birthday wishlist


I’m turning 20 this week and I feel as if I’m having some sort of quarter-life crisis. I’m excited, but also freaked out. I didn’t think turning 20 was a big deal at all until I was talking to Tyler and he was like “Your 20s are a sick decade. You graduate college, start building your career, you probably get married, buy a house, maybe have some kids…”

Begin panic attack. I mean, I know all of that stuff is supposed to happen over the span of a decade.. but like, WHAT? I don’t feel anywhere near prepared enough to do all that real-life adult stuff.  When you’re a teenager no one seems to really take you that seriously – people have adult expectations for you but also are always pleasantly surprised when you actually live up to them. Then you’re in your 20’s, and by the end of it you’re deciding where you want to live based off of the quality of a neighborhood school district. Whaaaat.

All I know is that yesterday I tried to drive away before I actually started my car and it hasn’t been that long since I bought something from Hollister. I don’t feel ready. I’m a fake adult still!

Anyway! Melodrama aside, since my birthday is this week I thought it would be fitting to do a little birthday wishlist post with some of the things that I think would make good 20th birthday gifts. (Hint, hint @family, if you’re reading this..)

20th birthday wishlist

20th wishlist

Lululemon Running Shorts

Let’s be real, Lululemon is freaking expensive. I’ve been wanting a pair of their running shorts for a while but I can never bring myself to drop the almost $60 for something that I’m just going to get sweaty in. But, next year I’m going to a college where the unofficial classroom dress code is workout gear so I figure that they’ll get a lot of use whether I wear them to the gym or just around campus.

A vacuum?!

Who even am I?! You know your childhood is basically fully behind you when you start asking for devices that mean you have to do chores. But also I just really like clean floors, so.

Basic Brown Sandals

I actually bought these for myself last week so I guess they can technically be crossed off the wishlist. I think the stitching on the toe strap is so cute! And, I love ankle straps because I feel like they make my ankles look less cankle-y. They’re super basic so they’ll go with everything and they’re only $25!

Patagonia Snap-T

Maybe?? You also know you’re getting old when you kinda can’t think of anything you really want for your birthday. Tyler has a snap-t and it’s like the cuddliest sweatshirt I’ve ever experienced. I feel like it would be good to have since I’m moving to the coast in a few weeks and the nights and mornings are really cool. Who wants to wear something other than the cuddliest sweatshirt ever on a cool morning?

Naked Palette

Eyeshadow is something I never invest in because I don’t wear it day-to-day, and if we’re being totally honest here…. I don’t think I actually know how to put it on. I understand the principles of the darker crease/outer corner colors and the highlight on your brow bone and stuff, but it never actually works out for me in real life. SO! When better to learn than when you turn twenty?! I have literally 2 colors of eyeshadow that I’ve had since I was fourteen. I think it’s time I give my eyelids some real attention, and I think a Naked palette is a good place to start! I think I like the first one because I feel like it has the most versatile colors… Although they’re all gorgeous! Help me out here, which one is best for a girl with fair skin, dark hair and bluish green eyes?


I’m kinda really into flatforms right now because they’re easy to walk in but have the look of heels. I think they’re perfect for semi-formal events where you want something nicer than sandals but you don’t feel like breaking out the heels. Except I almost never break out the heels because spending a night in heels = ouch. How do people do it?! Hence, flatforms! The solution to your achey feet/formal outfit struggles. This pair from Nordstrom Rack is only 20 bucks!

Essie Gel Polish

Nail polish is a great gift because manicures seriously change my outlook on life. I’m off and on with the bad habit of biting my nails, and keeping them painted helps me not! I try to paint my nails at home but somehow I can never get the polish to stay on as long as the ladies at the nail salon can. Essie just came out with gel polish and I feel like it might be a good way to save money on consistent manicures but also have painted nails that last longer than 3 hours! Plus, nail polish is cheap which makes it a super easy and convenient gift for almost any girl.


I feel super weird about being in my twenties, but it’s gonna be fun! And there’s nothing I can do about it so I better get on board the growing up train. All I know is, now starts the countdown to 21!



  • Kyra

    This is so cute! And okay, you’re freaking me out!! Let’s never grow up!

  • Adorable photos, and happy almost-birthday! I turn 23 on the 29th this Friday!

    • Ah yay we’re almost birthday twins! Happy birthday to you too 🙂

  • I love that a vacuum made your birthday wish list. I love clean floors too.

    • There’s just something about knowing that there’s no hair or dust hanging out in the carpet! Feels clean!

  • Ashley

    Happy almost birthday! I have loved my twenties!!
    xo Ashley

    • I’m glad to hear you say that! I’m a little excited 🙂

  • Listen, I’m about to turn 27 and I’m STILL freaking out about these things! haha. I don’t think you ever feel truly like an adult. I’m still waiting to see if it happens!

    • Hahah the older I’m getting the more I notice that even actual adults don’t feel like actual adults! Forever young 🙂

  • Happy almost birthday! Love the balloons! Yes, a good vacuum is amazing! My husband and I love ours haha.

  • I love your birthday list! Such awesome options. 20’s isn’t so bad!! 🙂 I think you will end up loving your 20’s! I know I have and I’m halfway through them already 😮

    • I hope so! Hearing you say that makes me feel better 🙂

  • aunt sue

    Happy 20th dear Danika!! By the way, your blog is super fantastic! I love it!!

  • I love photoshoots with those big balloons! These pics are so cute. Happy 20th! I have a Patagonia Snap T and its my absolute FAVE.


  • Welcome to your 20’s Danika! It’s been my favorite decade so far – don’t get me wrong, it’s been stressful at times too, but it’s been fantastic!

  • Happy belated Birthdayyy!!! I turned 20 in June, but it wasn’t nearly as nerve-wracking as turning 18, idk why!!!!
    And honestly, I don’t feel like an “adult” either lol!!!

    I hope you had a good one 🙂

    Itunu x
    A Modern Flower Child

    • Thanks girl! Getting older is scary but exciting 🙂

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