Denim Button-Up Circle Skirt

Denim Button Up Circle Skirt

I’m calling it now: denim skirts are coming back into style. I have to admit, it’s taken me a little while to warm up to the idea because they kind of remind me of the mid-2000’s when Paris Hilton used to rock them with Uggs. When I went to Zara last week I was definitely not planning on leaving the store with a denim skirt in my bag. Then, I came across this 70’s inspired denim button-up circle skirt and something about it wouldn’t let me pass it up!

It was only $25.99 and I felt like that was a super good deal considering that it’s denim and basically everything goes with denim. I like skirts because I feel like they’re really easy to dress up or down depending on what you pair with them. For this look I went a little more casual by pairing it with a basic striped t-shirt that I tied in the front!

70's inspired denim circle skirt

70's inspired denim circle skirt

70's inspired denim circle skirt

skirt: Zara, similar, similar // t-shirt: Forever 21, similar // shoes: New Look

I couldn’t find the skirt online, but I found two similar skirts for even cheaper than mine that I got on sale! I love the buttons down the front because they have a vintage flair and make the denim skirt seem less 2005 Paris Hilton, if ya know what I mean. The two similar skirts are linked above, get ’em while they’re hot 😋

My shirt is from Forever 21 and I like it because it’s short enough to do a little tie in the front without leaving a bunch of extra fabric. I linked it above, except it looks like they’re not carrying it in red anymore so I linked another red striped crop top too!

Denim Button Up Circle Skirt


I’m going on a lil road trip to San Luis Obispo this weekend to sign the lease for my first little apartment, and this outfit is definitely going in my bag! I’m leaving tomorrow morning and still have yet to begin packing… I’m super excited to spend the weekend there but I haaaate packing so I’m procrastinating in the hopes that my suitcase packs itself. I wish there was an app for that. Real talk though, do any of you guys know any apps that make packing more fun? Leave a comment and lemme know!



  • LOVE denim skirts. This one is so chic. Xoxo Mindy

  • This is SO cute!! You always have the best finds at Zara! 🙂

  • You look so great! I have a similar skirt! Have fun on your trip and congrats on your new place! Can’t wait to see how you decorate it!

    xoxo, Candice

    • Aw I just saw your post with your skirt! You rock yours 🙂 Thanks for the congrats! Decorating is gonna be a looong work in progress hahah.

  • I’ve been eye-balling this skirt at Zara and I may have to get it now. You look adorable!

    Greta |

    • Aww thanks! I definitely recommend the skirt 🙂 buy buy buy!!

  • Shane

    I’m afraid to jump on board this trend but you totally rock it!!!

  • Your shoes are so cute I love anything lace up!

    • I know right?! It’s so hard for me to pass up anything lace up!

  • Denim skirts are SOO back in style! Love yours!

  • If this denim skirt had pockets in the front I would be jumping on the opportunity. I have outgrown my denim skirt from Hollister that I got ten years ago. But i still have it trying to use it as motivation to lose some weight.

    • I feel you on the pockets thing. Whenever I wear skirts I always end up confused as to where to put my phone! It’s a good thing you hung on to that denim skirt cause now it’s totally vintage and cool again 🙂

  • Your hair and makeup are so great and that outfit is so perfect for summer! I’ve never checked Zara out but I want to now!

    -Meagan | Love by Meagan

    • Thanks!! Yeah, Zara is a great store! It’s kinda like H&M except a little more modern. Definitely worth checking out 🙂

  • Amy

    This skirt is too cute!! i have been loving this style of skirt lately!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

    • Thanks girl! I love it lately too, perfect for summer days 🙂

  • I love the denim skirt trend! You look so great!

  • This outfit is so cute!! Love the top!
    -Anna |

  • I love this skirt! I am a huge fan of Zara!! This outfit screams 90’s but I love it.

    xo CourtneyDrew

    • There’s definitely something fun about 90’s! Thanks Courtney 🙂

  • goldandheartsblog

    I love the cut of this skirt! I just bought a white version similar to this skirt and I love it!

    • Oh man white would be so cute! Gonna have to go on a hunt for one 🙂

  • Ahhhhh I love it all so much!! What a great find!

  • This skirt is super cute and looks amazing on you!

  • I haven’t worn denim skirts in like 8 years. I love the one you picked out!

    • I know right, same! I hadn’t either until I found this one. Thanks so much!

  • caratsandconfetti

    It’s so fun how trends come back in style. To be honest I cringed a bit at first when I read denim skirts are back but once I saw you wearing it I changed my mind. Looks great!

    • Hahaha aw that’s super nice! I know right,a denim skirt post could have gone in so many directions. Thanks a ton 🙂

  • I used to love denim skirts! I’m glad they’re making a comeback. This one is so cute.

  • Oh I love your skirt!

  • This is so 90s chic! Absolutely love it 🙂
    XO Amanda |

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