Pinterest Outfit Dupe: Denim, Espadrilles, and White Blouses

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How many of you guys get a good majority of your outfit inspiration from fashion bloggers on Pinterest or Instagram? I definitely do, and I feel like I’m always clicking on links to see where I can get their looks. There’s so much trendy, cute stuff out there and shopping their stuff is like getting free wardrobe tips from the pros!

One thing I’ve noticed about many of the Pinterest outfit bloggers I stalk is that people wear freakin’ expensive stuff. I’d love to be able to purchase everything I see that’s featured in blog posts and Instagram photos, but unfortunately my non-imaginary, real-as-can-be life involves me not being a millionaire (yet). I really don’t own many articles of clothing that cost more than thirty bucks. So, I’ve gotta hunt around to get the looks for less!

Since I know that there are a lot more people out there who aren’t millionaires than those who are, I’m gonna start putting together outfit dupes where not a single piece costs over $50.00. This is the first of many, and the inspiration outfit to kick off this series is coming fresh off the top of my “what to wear inspiration” board on Pinterest! Shoutout to Taylor at Little Blonde Book for the photo, your style is really, really cute and so are you ☺️

Denim, Espadrilles, & a White Flouncy Shirt by Little Blonde Book

Pinterest Fashion Blogger @ Little Blonde Book

This outfit is girl-next-door perfection. It’s effortless and versatile by being casual yet simultaneously trendy. I get major shoe envy from those espadrille wedges – they’re seriously SO cute and perfect for the transition from summer to fall! Then I clicked to buy them andddd realized that they’re $625.00. (brand: chloe, found here) That’s like the same cost as a whole year’s worth of college textbooks. Since I’m in no position to spend my entire net worth on shoes, I put together this look with not a single item over $50.00.
denim, white + espadrilles

jeans / sunnies / purse / blouse / brown espadrilles / nude espadrilles

I also feel the need to address my lack of frequent posting as of late — I just moved to San Luis Obispo, CA for college and have been running around like crazy trying to get my whole apartment all set up!  This is my first place so basically I have nothing that I need and I don’t know what I need until I run into a situation where I don’t have something that I need. (How many times can I use the word “need”, right?!) Last week I made pasta and was all ready to eat until I realized that the silverware was still packed in who knows what box. Long story short, moving is tough.

BUT! I’ve been DIY-ing my butt off lately and can’t wait to share what I come up with! Today I dyed my own pillowcases, made a coffee table and bought wood for a shelf project. It’s gonna be a good next couple of weeks around this website 😎

xoxo, danika

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Denim & Espadrilles Pinterest Outfit Dupe

  • Seriously, that’s one of my biggest issues with the fashion blogging community; a lot of the bloggers have SUCH expensive clothes and it’s just not realistic for people like me! I am always trying to put together affordable “real girl” looks for my readers! I love the way you are making this into a series! It’s so smart!

    • I’m so with you! Not that having expensive stuff is a bad thing, it’s just hard to follow/shop along when every item costs like at least $150.00. Thanks so much Chelsie, means a lot 🙂

  • I love a denim + white top outfit. Sometimes the simplest of outfits are my favorite 🙂 I find so much inspo on Pinterest!

  • Love this post! I’m obsessed with that white top!

    Greta |

  • Love the espadrilles you posted! I love Pinterest for some great outfit inspo. Congrats on your new place!


  • Girl – You are keeping it real! Thank you for your candor and the outfit is super cute. We love to bargain hunt so we get it 🙂 Can’t wait to see your college DIYs! XOXO

  • How are you liking San Luis Obispo? My husband and I took a 10-day road trip up the coast of California for our three-year anniversary, and we fell in love with that area.

    • San Luis Obispo is amazing! The weather is perfect and it’s gorgeous. What a good way to celebrate your anniversary!

  • Love the original outfit, and you did an amazing job of recreating it! Good luck at school! 🙂

  • I love SLO i’m so excited for you to be there. Also loving that your not feeling like you need to spurge or spend more than you should when you can find dupes.

  • Such a fun summer look. Great job finding matching pieces!

    Sara Kate Styling

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