Bell Bottoms & 70’s Inspired Looks For Fall

Bell Bottoms: A 70's inspired look for fall!

As reluctant as I am to admit it, summer is nearing its end. Ugh, I’m sad just thinking about it. You know you dig summer when you’re already counting down to next summer and it’s not even officially fall yet. I’m trying to ease my post-summertime sadness by thinking about cozy overcast mornings with blankets and warm drinks. It’s half working.

Another way I’m trying to get excited about the changing seasons is by getting into fall fashion. Yes, summer will always be my favorite season, but you know excuses to shop always get me excited! I’ve been shopping around and decided that 70’s inspired style is a trend I’m loving right now. I love having a little bit of boho in my wardrobe, and I can really get behind the whole “flower-child” vibe.

Since I’m loving the 70’s trend, I put together a look that’s great for early fall and full of 70’s inspiration. Crochet, round sunglasses, and bell bottom jeans – Seems like the 70’s in a nutshell!

Bell Bottom Jeans

Bell Bottom Jeans: A 70's inspired look for fall!

Bell Bottom Jeans: A 70's inspired look for fall!

bell bottom jeans: similar, similar / booties / purse / basic layering tank top: similar, similar / crochet vest: similar, not similar but equally fun! / round sunglasses

Something weird that happened to me while wearing these jeans around town yesterday: an older-ish man (like 40’s, maybe) walked past me and muttered under his breath “Bell bottoms? Haven’t seen those in a while..” He said it quietly so it didn’t seem like he was talking to me, but also he was clearly talking to me. So weird! I didn’t know my throwback pants would surprise anyone. I mean, I’m by no means the inventor of the trends. I just looked at him and didn’t react. He kept walking. Whatever dude, my jeans are cute!

I found my retro bell bottoms at Marshall’s at the end of winter this year. They’re American Eagle brand and they were a super score at only $12.99! Since Marshall’s doesn’t have an online store (seriously such a bummer…) I’ve linked some similar pairs that are still affordable and equally as cute. These ones from American Eagle are only $19.99 this weekend and are super cute!

Bell Bottom Jeans: A 70's inspired look for fall!

I wore them with these booties because I felt like I needed a little bit of height to balance out the wide leg. I think the jeans might be a little bit long for me, so some sort of heels are necessary! The closed round toe makes me feel like I’m literally walking out of That 70’s Show. You guys will probably be seeing a lot of these booties as fall comes upon us. They’re kind of the only booties I have right now because I bought them as a splurge item last year. They’re expensive, in my opinion 😳 but I think totally worth it!

Bell Bottom Jeans: A 70's inspired look for fall!

Bell Bottom Jeans: A 70's inspired look for fall!


Do any of you guys shop at Old Navy? My roomie Kylie and I went there last week and seriously, everything is so cheap. They have deals all over the place! She got like 4 bikini separates for $1.99 and the cutest lace up espadrille wedges for only $8.49. I got 2 pairs of running shorts for $6 and this purse for $10.49! I really didn’t expect to find anything there but it’s just a really good place for super affordable basics. If you’re looking for some steals, definitely go in and check it out!

The little crochet vest I’m wearing I bought at an Abercrombie outlet seriously a million years ago. Okay, maybe not a million.. But definitely at least 5 years ago! I haven’t been to an Abercrombie outlet in forever, but I know they’re one of those outlets where there’s actually super good deals. An online link to the vest I’m wearing sadly doesn’t exist (because dinosaurs roamed the earth when I bought it) so I linked a similar one above and also a not similar but super cute fringe vest.

Bell Bottom Jeans: A 70's inspired look for fall!

Bell Bottom Jeans: A 70's inspired look for fall!

Well, that’s all for me and my throwback bell bottom jeans look. The beginning of “Low” by Flo Rida has been stuck in my head the whole time I was working on this post — you know, where he’s like “Apple bottom jeannns!” I know they’re different than bell bottom jeans, but every time I type “bell bottom jeans” my brain plays that song. Anyway. I’m going to start doing some more fall fashion posts because it helps me embrace the changing of the seasons! Meanwhile, this week my mom is driving down to help me finish (maybe) decorating my apartment and I’m super excited. I’m all moved in except I have nothing hung on the walls. I can’t wait to finish so that I can show you guys where I’m living and what my space looks like!

xoxo, danika

Bell Bottom Jeans: A 70's inspired look for fall!

  • Amy

    What a cute look! I was so into flared jeans in middle school, may experiment with them again soon!

    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  • Sydney Power

    I am seriously loving that bag! So cute! I love old navy such great deals!

  • I would be afraid to retry this trend but girl you are rocking the bell bottoms!

  • You look gorgeous in these bell bottoms! What a cute look, especially paired with those boots. And that bag is gorgeous too!

  • This is such a cute look! You totally pull off the 70’s trend!!

    Stephanie |

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