Hoodies as an All-Around Wardrobe Piece?

Hoodies for All Occassions

Yes, you read that right. Hoodies, formerly known as sullen teenagers’ garment of choice and the ultimate lounge item, have been declared by WhoWhatWear as a stylish possibility for every occasion (even to work!). The article, posted on September 25th, 2016, reads:

Stylish women are getting very creative with their hoodies, even putting together outfits that are suitable for the office and date night.

To those of you screaming “Hallelujah!” at the very suggestion of wearing your most loved hoodie to work — you’re in luck. WhoWhatWear suggests pairing a more fitted hoodie with menswear inspired trousers or layering it under a blazer. You can click through to the article to see photo inspiration.

Although it’s no shock that “athleisure” wear has been a huge trend in 2016, I am somewhat surprised by the apparent transition of the hoodie from only slightly more wearable than pajamas to a trend item. I am certainly a fan of the end of the suit-to-work regime (in true millennial spirit), so this news is certainly exciting.

What does the research say?

Research indicates that office dress code is likely to become more casual in the coming years. A survey included in an LA Times article shows that 58% of people prefer a business casual dress code or a casual dress code. As employers try to become more and more attractive in recruiting talent to their offices, they are casualizing their dress code in an effort to give employees what they want.

All in all, it seems that hoodies may still only be appropriate for offices where the dress code encourages trendiness and self-expression. If you’re working at a stuffy accounting firm, you’ll probably still have to iron out your suit and rock that conservative banker look. Or, at least, if you’re thinking about testing out the hoodie-to-work phenomenon – maybe wait until April Fool’s day. That way, you’ll have a fall-back excuse if you freak out your boss.

xoxo, danika

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