Why an #OOTD is more than just a selfie

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#OOTD = Outfit of the day

Frankly, taking a selfie doesn’t take that much skill. My grandma can do it, and it’s one of the few things she has in common with Kylie Jenner. But an #OOTD post is not just a selfie. It’s a photo that captures your outfit and the occasion you wear it in a visually appealing way. Fashion bloggers have this down, which is why bloggers with killer #OOTD skills are paid by brands to, basically, take more #OOTD’s.

If you’re looking to elevate your online influence, a perfectly pulled together #OOTD is essential.–Libby McCarthy, Brit + Co

A good #OOTD post makes you want to buy the entire outfit shown. It can be seen as a visual merchandising tool–that’s why it’s different from a selfie.

But how?

If you’ve been on Instagram within the past year, chances are you’ve come across an #OOTD post. With over 100 million posts in the #OOTD hashtag,  they’re hugely popular and show no signs of being on their way out of vogue.

When you’re looking at a great OOTD, you know. Here’s grid view look at some of the experts’ OOTD styles. All OOTD pictures you see in the little squares below can be found on their individual instagrams which are linked through the picture.

Livylandblog Instagram #OOTD Livylandblog Instagram #OOTD



Natural light, a photographer or tripod, and an attractive/relevant background are all things that go into taking a bomb #OOTD post. However, an OOTD post that will sell has to have qualities beyond the aforementioned.

An OOTD post that makes me want to buy an entire outfit has one of two qualities: either the outfit has been presented in way that I feel I have need for, or I kind of want my entire life to look like the blogger’s aesthetics.

The Secret

An #OOTD post with a cozy plaid scarf, winter boots, a fuzzy beanie and a warm coat photographed in fresh billowy snow makes me want to buy winter snow clothes. Even though I hate the snow, don’t live near snow, and have no plans to go to the snow. It just looks nice.

This is confusing because it’s contradictory: A successful outfit of the day post isn’t about the outfit. It’s about the entire environment of the outfit. It’s the story of the outfit. Everyone wears clothes, and many people wear clothes that look nice. But your outfit of the day post should make me want my nice clothes to look like your nice clothes, which means that I have to buy into your photo’s overall look and feel.

Basically, an #OOTD is part of your personal fashion brand. A selfie is just a picture that you think you look good in.

This is a short video that shows some of the steps that go into taking a super basic #OOTD.

Wake up early to maximize natural light, put some thought into your outfit, grab your essentials, and head out with your photographer!

People consume content that’s either relatable or desirable. “It’s not just about what you wear, but where you take the picture,” said Erin Cunningham of Refinery 29.

So, next time you go out to snap an outfit of the day picture, remember: your outfit is only one piece of the killer #OOTD puzzle!


xoxo, danika

  • This is a great post! I’m always looking for ways to improve my OOTD pictures, and I found this to be really helpful.

    XO, Brooke

  • Greta Hollar

    Great posts! I love morning light on a good outfit. A great way to start the day!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  • The location really can add SO much to a pic!

  • I love this! I’ve found that actual pictures get much more engagement rather than selfies on my Instagram!


  • Interesting bit about the environment of the outfit. You’re right though, the location adds so much but damn it takes some serious work to match every OOTD to the environment. However, I just took a photo in Colorado with leaves on the ground and all and I could feel the outfit way more pulled together so there’s something to that idea!

  • Adriana

    This is such a great perspective I don’t think many people realize, but it’s so true!!! Great post!

  • Michelle mink

    Wow I didn’t realize how much effort was put into an #OOTD picture.

  • Amy

    Such a great perspective and read! It does take some thought when putting together a great OOTD shot and my friends sometimes makes fun of me because of the million and one photos I have to take to get the right one to post..


    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  • Cute post and great read! I don’t think a lot of people realize how much effort goes into the OOTD shot– love this!

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